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Collab With Me

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Hey would you like to collaborate?

Right now I am heavily focused on SYNC placements.

Let's work on a beat tape or album that can be released online and pitched to sync opportunities!


We'll work together to create 5 to 10 original tracks that are formatted the right way for sync placements via a series of live ZOOM CALLS or in person meetings.

I'll assist with putting the beats together, mixing, mastering, song registration, and pitching the tracks to music libraries. IF/when we land a placement we'll split the SYNC FEE and Writer's Share 50/50.


Beat Tape "Total Cost" $2500 ($500 Deposit)

10 Tracks $250 per track


Album With Words etc "Total Cost" $5000 ($1,000 Deposit)

5 Tracks $1,000 per track


The fee is for my time to work 1 on 1 with you.


Step 1: Select either "Work on a Beat Tape" or "Work on an Album"

Step 2: Pay IN FULL or the deposit to get started.

(If paying deposit a contract will need to be signed before starting work)

Step 3: Use the document you'll receive after payment to book your first meeting

Step 4: We'll go over your availability, time commitment, the contract, and the details of the project.

Step 5: We'll work until the project is complete

Step 6: We'll release the project on ALL streaming platforms and social media

Step 7: I will work to get our tracks into libraries for sync placements

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