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Are you dreaming of hearing your music in TV shows, movies, games, and ads? Imagine your tunes on MTV, Netflix, and other big networks. Well, now you can turn that dream into reality with my help – I'm Ukiah Beats, and I want to work together with you!

Let's Boost Your Music: I run Beat Making Basics, and I'm here to guide you on a journey to make your music stand out. We'll create a 10-track album of instrumentals that we'll put online and offer to cool opportunities.

How We'll Team Up: Here's the plan: we'll make catchy melodies, cool beats, and good song setups. I'll show you how to mix and master, and even register your songs. Then we'll send our music to places that might want it.

The Cost: It's $250 for each song, so $2,500 total. That covers everything we'll do together, and we'll share the money we make 50/50.

Attention, Artists: If you're an artist and want a full album, it's $1,000 per song, adding up to $10,000. We'll make an album that's just right for you.

The Process:

  1. Secure your spot by paying and signing the contract.
  2. Together, we'll shape the project's vision and direction.
  3. Weekly online meetings will be our creative hub, where we fine-tune our songs.
  4. Once the music is ready, we'll release and register it, setting the stage for its journey.
  5. Our combined efforts won't stop there – we'll strategically pitch the music to TV/Film opportunities.

A Note on Possibilities: While we can't guarantee placement, we assure you that by following the right steps and focusing on music and business aspects, we maximize our chances of success.

Let's Talk: If you want to know more or have questions, you can email me at Your dreams matter, and I'm here to help you make them real.

Are You Ready? Let's make your music amazing and share it with the world. I'm Ukiah Beats, and together we can make music that people will love!