About Beat Making Basics

Hi, I go by Ukiah Beats. I'm a Producer and Composer based in Texas and have worked with many Independent Artists and Brands like MTV, VH1, BET, Netflix and more!

When I was just getting started in music production, I would spend hours and hours working on my beats on my own. But, I eventually decided to go to school to improve my sound faster.

After attending a University for Recording Arts, I realized that although I learned a lot about sound engineering, the whole process of making beats was not taught in a straight forward easy to understand format.

So a few years after I graduated, I decided to create and post courses on Udemy and YouTube targeted towards beginners that taught the fundamentals of music production. Fast forward to today, I've helped thousands of producers around the world understand the beat making process in Logic Pro X.

Most of my success comes from my approach of keeping things simple. I really do my best to break down things in a way that even a child could understand and apply what's taught!

Learn from an Accredited Producer that still works in music today. Take your sound to the next level now with one of our courses, kits, or services!