Beat Making Basics was started in 2015 by Joseph Evans, also known as Ukiah Beats, to help up coming producers learn music production without all of the technical jargon and fluff most encounter during school.

Many years before starting the company, although having worked with many independent artists, he use to struggle with mixing and other elements of the beat making process. So he decided to attend one of the top music and entertainment schools in the nation for Recording Arts. While his experience at the school was very enlightening in many ways, the program mainly covered how to become a sound engineer, not a music producer.

He would later find that after going into debt $40,000 and spending a year in the program he would still have to start out in the industry as an intern after graduation. And it was at this point he realized that for people looking to become producers, this was not the best route.

He immediately began to carve out his own path on his journey to becoming a producer. And after many years of trail and error as well as learning from other producers, he finally got a good grasp on how to make beats and produce music professionally.

Since then his then his music has been licensed to many TV Networks like MTV, VH1, BET, Netflix and more! While still actively working in music he loves dedicating his time to helping the up coming generation produce better music, without having to go through the long and expensive process he did.